Are you getting what you pay for ?

Friday, 8 August 2008
In today’s busy world most of us are on the go and its reassuring to know that we can get good refreshments as we are on the move.

Vending is now light years from where it started, offering coffee shop style drinks whenever you need them.

Choosing your vending operator can be a minefield and you need to be certain that you understand what you are getting for the price. A cheap price normally means there is a compromise on the drink and service.

Coinadrink has been providing refreshment services for over 45 years and prides itself on offering consistent quality; our fully recyclable cups are heavyweight so no spillage or burning fingers. We use the right ingredients and do not skimp on the recommended dose of ingredients so you get a great tasting drink. We cherry pick the right equipment for you and our teams of operators and engineers make sure that they are replenished and kept on tip top condition.

So the next time you are choosing a vending service, choose a vending operator that will give you a great service and delicious tasting drinks.

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