Consider Quality When Investing in Vending Machines

Friday, 2 February 2007
For the person thinking about starting a new vending business, the most important factor they should consider is the quality of the machine. Most vending machines are difficult and expensive to repair, easily broken into, and difficult to find good locations for. Grade A quality vending machines are unique in the U.S. because most vending machine companies typically rely on Grade B or Grade C machines.

All-metal vending machines (Grade B) provide some strength and stability, but also suffer from several design flaws. Outside paint is prone to scratching, chipping and rust, while inside paint corrodes and can lead to product contamination. Warm temperatures can also melt candy inside the machines.

All-plastic vending machines (Grade C) lack the durability of Grade B machines and suffer frequent breakdowns. This is especially true for the plastic coin mechanisms, which see a lot of wear and tear in any vending machine. Besides technical problems, most cannot vend 1” gumballs or toys - a large multi-million dollar market in the vending industry. Grade C machines may also be rejected for high-end locations.

What you need is a combination of the strongest metal in parts that you need it (strength & stability) and the highest quality plastics(shatterproof polycarbonate) in areas that you want it. The bottom line is the all-metal machines on the market are very outdated and the all-plastic machines are a clever way for the company to boost profit margins by manufacturing a cheaply made machine.

Grade A vending machines solve the problems of Grade B and C machines by incorporating both high-quality plastics and strong metal components. You don’t want your product surrounded by painted metal and you certainly don’t want your coin mechanisms, lids and money compartment doors made of a ‘Delrin’ plastic.

Malfunctioning machines is the number one reason people fail in vending. Many vending machines fail within a year. This can cause huge losses for owners who lose their vending locations when their machines break.

Vending works as long as the machine works. It's that simple.
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