The Vending Cup – to be or not to be

Friday, 25 July 2008
The vending cup has attracted considerable press coverage recently and whilst some environmentalists advocate using their own cup others recognise that used responsibly the vending cup is very eco friendly.

The Save a Cup scheme is the vending industry’s answer to ensuring that the plastic cup get reused. The Scheme collects over 3.5 million cups every week and ensures that they get recycled and re invented into something different such as rulers or coasters and even garden furniture.

Most vending machines can be used with you own cup but then comes the debate as to how eco friendly it is to use your own cup. By the time you have spent time, energy and cleaning products to wash the cup, the plastic vending cup starts to look very attractive.

The debate will no doubt continue and it remains the customers choice, but if you are thinking of vending check out that your vending supplier supports Save a Cup.

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