Vending offers you a convenient sustainable solution

Friday, 22 August 2008
The vending industry has for some time worked to minimise the impact it has on the environment, through sensible and practical use of equipment and consumables.

Vending offers great taste and convenience at the touch of a button from equipment that has been designed and built with the environment in mind.

Many new vending machines have energy saving devices fitted as standard allowing them to enter a sleep mode when not in use. Machine lights are frequently low energy bulbs and can power down when not in use or be controlled to go off at weekends and overnight by using a timer.

The vending industry has an excellent record of re use and many operators will run a refurbishing programme so that machines can be bought back after a few years of operation and be refurbished to give them a new lease of life.

The industry company SaveaCup collects the millions of hard walled plastic vending cups every week so that they can be recycled and turned into useful items such as pencils, rulers, cup holders and even picnic benches.

The AVA has worked tirelessly to ensure the Vending industry maintains its green credentials and is currently co-operating with the Carbon Trust in preparing guidance for vending customers on the energy management of vending.

Next time you think vending – think a convenient sustainable solution and look out for those companies displaying the ISO14001 accreditation.

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