The Vending Cup – to be or not to be

Friday, 25 July 2008
The vending cup has attracted considerable press coverage recently and whilst some environmentalists advocate using their own cup others recognise that used responsibly the vending cup is very eco friendly.

The Save a Cup scheme is the vending industry’s answer to ensuring that the plastic cup get reused. The Scheme collects over 3.5 million cups every week and ensures that they get recycled and re invented into something different such as rulers or coasters and even garden furniture.

Most vending machines can be used with you own cup but then comes the debate as to how eco friendly it is to use your own cup. By the time you have spent time, energy and cleaning products to wash the cup, the plastic vending cup starts to look very attractive.

The debate will no doubt continue and it remains the customers choice, but if you are thinking of vending check out that your vending supplier supports Save a Cup.

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Operated Vending Service

Friday, 18 July 2008
A vending service offers you convenience, choice and great taste all at the right price.

Some sites choose to look after the vending machines themselves but most understand the benefits of having a fully operated service.

The fully operated service, sometimes called a managed service, provides you with a completely hassle free solution; the first stage is to select a reliable vending operator, they will help you choose the right machines for your site and the right ingredients to suit your tastes. The vending operator will install the vending equipment and then their route operatives will regularly clean and fill the machines. Their team of engineers will ensure your machines are regularly maintained so they work when you need them to.

Make sure you select the right vending operator- choose a member of the Automatic Vending Association (AVA) and make sure that they have a proven track record. Look for the independent operator as they are not tied to any manufacturer and can make an unbiased choice to suit you.

Discover the benefits of a fully operated vending service –

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Vending brings the taste of the coffeeshop into the workplace.

Friday, 4 July 2008
Fancy a cappuccino, moccacino, latte or a regular coffee? These are all now readily available from the latest drinks vending machines. Long gone are the days of a “warm and wet” drink – today it’s a delicious array of freshly prepared drinks from stylish machines.

In today’s hectic world we drink and eat on the go and we have come to expect good taste and service as the norm. The vending operator understands this and makes sure that the drink you enjoy in the workplace is just as good experience as the one in the coffeeshop.

Quick, easy, delicious, convenient and cost effective- the vending machine offers so much!

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