Vending offers the convenient cost effective solution

Friday, 3 October 2008
As a considerate employer you are no doubt keen to ensure that your team are happy, relaxed and enjoying their work but that doesn't mean that you want them to be always breaking off to put the kettle on or popping round to the local café bar where they can get side tracked.

So what better way to ensure that your team are refreshed and able to maximise their efforts than by bringing the taste of the coffee shop into the office. They can enjoy a great cup of coffee and their choice of snack from a modern and stylish vending machine whenever they want to right at their desk.

Not only is there less time wasted but vending offers are far more cost effective solution – no more hassle making drinks or high prices from the local café bar but the same great taste.

Look out for an AVA approved vending operator and start enjoying quality drinks when you want them.

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There are lots of ways vending can work for you

Friday, 5 September 2008
A vending service offers you convenience, choice and great taste all at the right price.

Some sites choose to have their vending equipment operated (equipment supplied, cleaned and filled by an independent company called an operator) whilst others prefer to look after the machines themselves.

The fully operated service provides you with a completely hassle free solution and is ideal for the busy sites or those choosing freestanding equipment. The operator will ensure that the machine is filled and cleaned so it provides a great tasting drink whenever needed.

Smaller sites that prefer table top machines often choose to look after the machines themselves. Cups and ingredients such as coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, and sugar are easily sourced over the internet.

So whichever machine you decide is right for your business, make sure you buy from the right supplier - choose a member of the Automatic Vending Association (AVA) and make sure that they have a proven track record. Look for the independent operator as they are not tied to any manufacturer and can make an unbiased choice to suit you.

Discover the benefits of a fully operated vending service or buy ingredients online –

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